Available Functions
The following is a list of some of the functions and reports that can be produced by the software:

Abstracting (with English text areas)

Updating (any data item)

Case searching (soundex by last name or last and first name, by name, by birthday, SSN, or I.D. number)

Reporting programs

Selecting subsets using any variable or combination of variables

Sorting subsets by any variable at a 3 level depth.

Listing programs

One line listing with codes converted to English

Two line listing

Customized listing where you choose the variables with or without English conversion

Complete listing showing all information

Cross tabulation program (two way and three way)

Frequency program

Survival program (calculating both observed and relative survival rates by site and stage)

Summary program (A variety of summary information by site and by year)

Follow-up reports (Customizable)

Follow-up letters (Customizable)

Follow-up worksheets

Follow-up rates

Customized follow-up letters available

ACOS survey report

Physician-patient report

Error reports

Incidence reports

Age adjusted incidence reports

Age specific incidence reports

Observed-expected reports

Projection reports

Physician updating programs

Physician listing programs

Physician mailing labels programs

Variety of utility programs

Make blank accession books

Missing I.D. number lists

Browse program

Spanish surname checking program

Print control program

Hand selecting a subset

Combining subsets